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Jul 25, 2018 - Puzzle Quality

by Andrio Suroyo on Jul 26, 2018

Jul 25, 2018 - Puzzle Quality

When taking an objective look at the quality of a puzzle, there are a few characteristics we can look out for. The main few are:

  • Piece thickness: One of the most compared aspect, but not the most critical in our opinion. Thick pieces help against warping.
  • Puzzle fit: THIS is what makes or breaks a puzzle experience. 
  • Image reproduction: Has the image been printed in high quality ink? Are the colours accurate?

Then there are aspects that are less but nonetheless still important:

  • Piece shape (standard or irregular)
  • Puzzle dust (clean or dirty)
  • Puzzle material (cardboard, plastic, wooden, etc)
  • Missing piece replacement (yes or no)

So why do we think puzzle fit is the most important characteristic? Let us compare the following two brands. Ravensburger is famous for its thick, blue-back pieces. This, combined with their touted "perfect fit" technology, should be the epitome of cardboard puzzle experience. However, when it has not been glued, one will find that it's difficult to lift a Ravensburger puzzle from one edge or corner without pieces breaking off. Ceaco, on the other spectrum, is a brand that has been graded poorly due to having thin pieces that occassionally warps (bent on edges or corners). However, having tried both brands above and more, we can say that Ceaco has one of the best puzzle fit for a cardboard puzzle. We could almost lift the *whole* puzzle (not too large) without having glued. This could be down to their puzzle cutting technique, or their thin lightweight pieces... but it's certainly a joy to work through a puzzle whose sections can be moved and lifted to position easily.

Then there is image selection. This is an aspect that is incomparable between brands as each usually focuses on their own niche(s). 

That's all off the top of our head. If you have any questions or would like to ask for our recommendations, we're very happy to. Till next time, happy puzzling and enjoy every bit of experience while playing!


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