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Jul 20, 2018 - Rare Puzzles

by Andrio Suroyo on Jul 21, 2018

Jul 20, 2018 - Rare Puzzles

Today, we'll touch on something that we have not wrote much about on the web, but very quickly became a large part and a separate commodity of JIGZLE... Rare puzzles.

By definition, a puzzle is considered rare when its production has been discontinued and it is becoming difficult to find the product. A recently discontinued product is not automatically rare since it will still be readily available in many vendors. It is when the number of new, unopened,  brand-new-in-box (BNIB) for this product begins to dwindle that the puzzle can be considered rare.

We on JIGZLE have decided to further categorise these rare puzzles into three "rarity levels": Rare, Very Rare and Extremely Rare (please excuse our uninspiring naming sense). Rare is when only 1 out of 3 larger vendors we know have the puzzle, and in very limited numbers. Very Rare is collector's territory; only a handful have it and usually only 1 of. Extremely Rare... we scour high and low for, and are reserved for those we are certain that we can only get once or (in a blue moon) twice. Prices usually reflect this, as they usually do for any limited / hard-to-find items. Our advice: be quick, or you'll miss it!

We have yet to, but will eventually begin to list the number of times that we have found each rare puzzle. It's becoming a "pokemon" thing for us, where we'd love to "catch" our hands on each puzzle at least once. There are so many wonderful, out-of-production pictures available on a plethora of brands; it's a monumental task to be able to catch them all. While time passes and the price tags on many of these puzzles grow increasingly out of reach, we can only hope that we get lucky or we work together with other puzzle enthusiasts.

Perhaps this is a route our Puzzle Project can go down... Hmm...

Thus concludes our food for thought. Till next time, happy puzzling and keep good care of your puzzles! (They WILL become rare)


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