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EVENT: In the Spirit of the Asian Games 2018!

by Andrio Suroyo on Aug 08, 2018

EVENT: In the Spirit of the Asian Games 2018!

Indonesia has been quite excited lately with the Asian Games. We see fit that we too try to get into the spirit. What better way is there than to share and spread the love around?

We're offering 8 products from our best-selling brand Tenyo...
(Not normally on any sale...!)

... At a discount of 8% off...
(Psst... You can combine this with your loyalty discount!)
Click here to see the list of puzzles on sale for this event.

... And we are also giving out vouchers of Rp. 20,000 for 18 lucky participants who has helped us spread the Instagram image that we painstakingly made ourselves. You can screen capture the image that's on instastory right now. Share it and be sure to use the tag #jigzlexag2018

Get it...? Jigzle x Asian Games 2018...?
We try too hard to be cool sometimes.

Be sure to be quick like Atung the Bawean deer! Get the spirit up and early, as we'll be on the lookout for voucher winners only until the end of Aug 10, 2018. Let's cheer for Indonesia, and hope that we can set a great example in sportsmanship and be a good host to all the participating nations. Go, go, Indonesia!

In high spirits,
Andrio & Irene

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