Pre-orders vary in time depending on which country, but as a general guide:

Japan   10~14 days

Taiwan   21~28 days

Korea   21~28 days

China   18~24 days

USA   12~16 days

Europe   12~16 days

For Clover (custom puzzle), see here

We use EMS or equivalent to bring the items as timely into Indonesia as possible. However, there are several factors outside our control that may affect shipping times and cause delay.

Anytime you'd like to check the status of your Pre-order, you can contact us and we'd be most happy to help :-)

There are several reasons that may cause a Pre-order to be delayed:

  • Holidays / peak season in Indonesia

Post office and customs are busier and usually overloaded with packages, therefore are not able to process as quickly as usual. This may add up to 5 days of processing time. Holidays to look out for include: Chinese New Year, Eid al-Fitr (Idulfitri), and Christmas.

  • National Holidays in country of origin

Different countries have National Holidays unique to the country. Japan has several of these, which include: Golden Week, Spring & Autumn Equinox, and Obon. Meanwhile, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan are known to take a long Chinese New Year break of up to 2 weeks. This may add up to 2~5 days of processing time, on average.

  • Item availability

We do our best to keep our catalogue and stock situation updated, but there are times when the info from the Brand is no longer accurate or are in extremely high demand thus quickly get sold out. In this case, it is difficult for us to estimate how long until the item is restocked by the Brand as it is fully in their discretion. When this happens, we will inform you of the situation so you can decide whether to continue with the Pre-order or not. This has been known to add up to ~2 months of waiting time, for some slower-to-restock Brands like Ensky.

  • Discontinuation

In line with the previous point about item availability, there are cases where an item is suddenly discontinued without much prior notice from the Brand. This means that no matter how long we wait, there is no chance to get the item through normal channels. Unfortunately, Brands often give no notice / announcement and make this decision suddenly, so there is no way to know in advance. When this happens, we will inform you of the situation and arrange a refund for any payment made for the item.

At this time, there is not yet a system in place to inform status updates of a Pre-order or show it on the account dashboard. Please contact us anytime you'd like to check your Pre-order status, and we'd be very happy to help :-)

We accept partial or full cancellation of an order when:

  1. Three (3) days have not passed since date of transaction or agreement, and
  2. Item(s) is not a custom order, e.g. custom puzzle frame, custom Clover puzzle, etc.

We have accepted cancellations before that do not meet the above criteria, but also reserve the right to not serve you in the future in the event of forceful cancellation.

We accept returns of an order when:

  1. Item(s) is unused / of similar condition as first received, and
  2. Item(s) is NOT as ordered, requested, or agreed upon at time of transaction, and
  3. Item(s) is returned within a 7-day window upon receipt, based on shipping tracking data

Please contact us to initiate the return process, so we know to expect it and also promptly process a replacement or refund for you. We hope to resolve any problems swiftly and with care, and we greatly thank you for your understanding! (of the situation, and also the return criteria above)

We sincerely apologise that we do not accept exchanging of any order, except under the most special of circumstances or if has been agreed upon at time of transaction. We understand that an item may not be represented fully by pictures or videos, and thus may not be as first envisioned. 

We invite you to contact us before purchasing, and we're more than happy to send close-up images / video and provide more info.


Payments on our website are powered by Midtrans, now part of GOTO (Gojek-Tokopedia) Financial. Enjoy automatically-verified, easy payments via bank transfer, virtual account, credit / debit card, Gopay, or Shopeepay.

If you encounter any problems with payment on our website, we have BCA and Mandiri accounts that we verify manually:

BCA     7810-31-9288

Mandiri     14900-1689-2889

(CV. Jigzle)

Please send us a screenshot of proof of payment, and we will promptly check if the payment has been received.

Enjoy a myriad of ways to pay when purchasing through any of the following marketplaces that we are on:



Note: most Pre-order items are not available on the marketplace. If you are planning to purchase a Pre-order item and cannot find it in any of the above marketplaces, please contact us and we will promptly make the link for you.

For our international customers who are unable to checkout on our website via Midtrans, we have a paypal account (verified manually):


Please note that there's a fee by Paypal and currency exchange rate that needs to be calculated when using this method; please contact us beforehand.

We highly suggest trying checking out using Credit Card via Midtrans, for ease of use and least fee. Should you encounter any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us!


We have worked closely with TIKI over the past 7 years (at time of writing, 2023). They have helped us deliver thousands of packages reliably, safely and timely. We hope to continue to grow with them over the coming years. For estimates on how long a TIKI shipment will take, please find the latest info on their website here.

Tokopedia and Shopee has brought us to many other shipping companies like Sicepat / Anteraja / JNE / JNT. We are happy to help ship with these companies instead of TIKI if your area is not supported by TIKI or are known to have poor service. 

We are happy to announce that you can now check domestic shipping rates from our warehouse in Balikpapan to your address, right at the checkout page! Please make sure to input your address in detail, down to sub-district (Kelurahan) so the calculation is accurate.

If you prefer to shop at a marketplace, we also keep our ready stock selections updated in two of the biggest marketplaces — Tokopedia and Shopee. Domestic shipping rates are super accurate too there!

Additionally, we are also working together with Tokopedia to warehouse many of our stock in Jakarta (via Dilayani Tokopedia). Enjoy discounted shipping and same-day option if you're in the Jabodetabek area! 

We have recently partnered with Tabitha Gracia Indonesia (TGI) to handle all of our international shipments. Powered by DHL, you can rest assured that your order will be in great, capable hands. Probably also means that there's no place that we (DHL) can't reach!

Alternatively, we have also shipped with Pos Indonesia EMS before, and found the service to be reliable, affordable and straightforward (sometimes more so than DHL). There is a tracking number that you can use anytime to check last shipment status.

Whichever you choose, we can help advise the best route. Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions!

We are doubly excited to announce that you can now check international shipping rates on our website, directly on the checkout page (courtesy of TGI)! Please make sure to input your address & post code accurately.

TGI offers exceptional shipping rates and speed to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. For anywhere else in the world, shipments are handled by DHL — one of the world's best.

All of our shipments come with tracking number that can be inputted here:

TIKI     https://tiki.id

TGI     https://tgiexpress.com

JNE     https://jne.co.id

In the event that the above website is down, please contact us anytime and we'd be happy to try contact the shipping company directly. Please understand, however, that we do not have any say or control of how quickly an item gets delivered by the company. There may be unforeseen delays, some of which are outlined here.

If you have purchased through a marketplace (such as Tokopedia or Shopee), please use the tracking provided by the marketplace. It's super accurate!

Loyalty & Special Programs

Our loyalty program has been running since the beginning (2015), and has not really changed much! Some things worth mentioning:

  • Up to 10% discount, when at Platinum level
  • Level never expires and has no minimum yearly spend, so your discount is always safe with us whenever you choose to return
  • Applicable to almost all items, with very few exceptions like jigsaw puzzle glue
  • Getting easier to attain; although prices generally rise, this also means that getting to Platinum now is easier than it was 5 years ago.

The discount is not yet applicable automatically when purchasing through our website or marketplaces that we are on; please contact us if you are entitled for loyalty discount, and we will provide the discount separately.

Checking loyalty status is also not as straightforward as we would like it (yet). Please contact us whenever you would like to check where you stand right now.

For more info (and fun images!), we have a separate page here.

The coveted spot for Diamond level discount of 15% is reserved to our longest and biggest customers. As a business, we cannot operate and provide everyone with this level of discount.

At time of writing (March 2023), we have 10 members at Diamond level, which may grow in the coming years (we started out with 5). This is out of ~4000 members in the list.

We greatly appreciate your continued support, and if you would like to inquire how much is the current spending for the 10th spot, feel free to reach out to us anytime!

Mystery box is a subscription-based way to enjoy and collect puzzles!

Sometimes choosing a puzzle can be a difficult chore, as there are so many pictures to choose from. New ones also come out monthly, sometimes even bi-weekly! Meanwhile, you just want a good quality puzzle that you'd like to set aside time for to put together...

The solution is the mystery box package!

It's priced more affordably (up to 33% cheaper), while still maintaining the high-quality of imported puzzles that you love. We will also never send a double of a puzzle that you already own (based on past purchases with us).

Some important things to note:

  • Different packages will house different brands, or image types. For example, a Disney package will only have Disney-Pixar puzzles. Whereas a Character package may have Disney-Pixar puzzles, but also other characters like Snoopy, Sanrio, Studio Ghibli, etc.
  • Brands may vary in a package. This may be a good thing if you like to explore different brands from across the world! We will never include knock-off brands that are of known poor quality.
  • Packages have varying subscription lengths, namely 3-months, 6-months and 12-months. In this time, we will send a puzzle every month, with a mix of images and puzzle piece counts.

For more info, please visit our fun curated page here.


Clover puzzles are made in China, and are therefore subject to international shipping and potential delays. We aim to fulfill orders of Clover custom puzzles within 18~24 days, which include the process of:

Image processing   1~2 days

Cutting & packaging   3~4 days

Warehouse & shipping   12~14 days

Custom clearance   2~4 days

Factors which may affect timeliness: production queue in factory, warehousing delays and National Holiday in China.

The quality of the photo / image that you provide to us is very important for the end result — if the image quality is poor, then the end result will not be maximal. When you first send us the image, we will check for quality and inform if it's good enough. If it's not good, then we will first try to process it so image quality improves (sharpening, reduce noise, enlarging & colour adjust). After which if there is not enough improvement, then we will suggest submitting another photo / image, or try find the RAW / original file.

However, if you wish to try anyway and proceed with the order, we are happy to comply. We always look out for customer satisfaction first :-)

The recommended minimum photo / image size for 1000 PCS is 6000 x 4000 px

For custom puzzles, please send the digital photo / image via email to hello@jigzle.id. Feel free to write your request in the email, or contact us via Whatsapp or any other channels which you prefer.

If you'd like to know the quality of Clover puzzles, we have lots of ready stock available of various pictures and themes which you can see here

We can process any photo / image into any of the following sizes:

35 PCS (15 x 10 cm)
63 PCS (20 x 15 cm)
80 PCS (25 x 20 cm) Large pieces
120 PCS (29.7 x 21 cm) Large pieces
300 PCS (38 x 26 cm)
500 PCS (52 x 38 cm)
1000 PCS (75 x 50 cm)

However, the photo / image must be of sufficiently good quality, especially if ordering larger puzzles (500 / 1000 PCS). For guidance on quality, please read here.

Also, please note that due to machine limitations, there is a possible variance of ± 1~2 cm for the puzzle finished size. If you are making a frame to display the puzzle, please first finish putting the puzzle together and then measuring the finished puzzle to get the most accurate dimension. This ensures that the frame is the best fit.

We welcome bulk orders of Clover puzzle, for which we can offer up to 25% discount depending on quantity. Please contact us to discuss options and best advice :-) Please also allow ample time (7~9 weeks) so everything can be prepared well.

(We hope you have a great event! Our best wishes, always)

We welcome resellers of Clover puzzle, which we highly suggest is done via dropshipping. We take great care of your position as a reseller, and hide any branding that may lead back to us.

Resellers also get to enjoy special discounts on top of loyalty discounts that can be discussed by contacting us. We enjoy making new friends and getting to know new potential partners! Say hello today :-)