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Jul 12, 2018 -- Officially JIGZLE

by Andrio Suroyo on Jul 12, 2018

Jul 12, 2018 -- Officially JIGZLE

We're officially JIGZLE!

Our last work-together with Midtrans had to be cut painfully short due to us not having the necessary documents to continue. We were able to receive payments on the web for exactly *one* transaction before we received notice from Midtrans that they needed to cease operations between us. This was last year, sometime September 2017.

We could have gone an easier route at the time and made the business more legal as a personal entity under my name. However, we decided that we will re-activate payment on the web after the time has come to make everything more official to align with our long-term vision and goals (self-made products and export!). Well, that time has come and here we are, in the final stages of the process with Midtrans. We are expecting to be in production phase within two weeks time.

Oh, we have also created company bank accounts with BCA and Mandiri in the spirit of our newfound official-ness. We hope you feel safer transferring here than to bank accounts under my personal name (we are regulated by laws!)

BCA 7810319288 (JIGZLE, CV)
Mandiri 1490016892889 (JIGZLE)

To our long-time customers, we welcome you to continue transferring to our personal accounts if it is easier for you. Now, if only there is an easier way to delete or edit existing accounts on internet banking...!

Until next time, please be happy and actively puzzling. Our warmest regards.

Andrio & Irene / JIGZLE

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