Here we list all the ongoing / ended promotions since the new website. We hope that you like our offerings as this is our way of giving back to you, our beloved customers. We try to hold as many as possible -- minimum monthly deals!

Please note that some promotions are exclusive for Bronze & above only, Silver & above only or even Gold & above only. The higher up, the more amazing the puzzles offered! Start shopping with us and climb up the levels to gain access to these exclusive deals.

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Period August 16th (16:00) ~ August 23rd (23:59), 2017
Elligible All Levels
Bronze & Above
Silver & Above
Promotion 17% off on 45 selected puzzles. There are puzzles with 17% + 8% off, and also some exclusive for Bronze & Above only, or Silver & Above only. Follow the links below to see each collection.
Only while stock lasts!
>> Click Here for 17% Off Puzzles << >> Click Here for 17% + 8% Off Puzzles << >> Click Here for Bronze & Above Puzzles << >> Click Here for Silver & Above Puzzles <<