Discounts, applied automagically.

Enjoy fantastic discount that grows as you shop with us! To become a member, purchase anything from us and we'll keep your member details safe for the next order. Then no matter where you shop with us, we'll know how far along you are on the ranking system. All purchases count, even if it's a gift for a friend to another address. Best part is that there's no expiry date or fee to our membership, so your discount with us is forever!

Benefits of JIGCLUB

Fantastic Discount

Enjoy increasing discount as you climb ranks, up to 15% when you reach Diamond level.

Automatic Sign-up

Your membership with us starts with your first purchase. No sign-up form needed.

Lasts Forever

There is no expiry date or reset to our membership, so your discount is safe with us for years to come.

Exclusive Offers

Receive and claim unique offers that are only available when you reach a certain rank!

Buy From Anywhere

Purchases from the web, chat and marketplaces all count towards your membership rank.


💰  Based on total spending: Our member system tracks your total spending whenever you shop with us. All new customers start at "New" rank with total spending of zero (Rp. 0). As you shop with us, your total spending goes up! Simple, right?

🈹  Higher rank, larger discount: You will begin to enjoy member discounts when you first reach Bronze. Getting to the next rank is not too difficult; many of our members are at Gold / Platinum. Here is a table to better explain:

Rank Total Spending (Rp.)
0 ~ 1,999,000
2,000,000 ~ 3,999,000
4,000,000 ~ 5,999,000
6,000,000 ~ 7,999,000
> 8,000,000
Reserved for Top 6


Diamond Rank

To better appreciate our most loyal customers, we reserve limited seats for the Diamond Rank. The fantastic discount is worth chasing for! Since total spending changes constantly and also for privacy, we do not post who are currently at Diamond Rank or how much is their total spending.

If you are at Platinum Rank and have been with us awhile, we can inform you how much the total spending required to get to the closest Diamond Rank. The people have changed several times over the past years, so it's definitely possible! We will increase the number of seats as our unique customer count grows.

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