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Welcome to www.jigzle.id!

The terms and conditions stipulated below are to regulate the online trading activities through our website. Users are encouraged to read carefully as they may affect User's rights and obligations under the law. By accessing and / or using the site www.jigzle.id, users are deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to all contents in the following terms & conditions.


  1. Orders that you order through the site will be approved when you receive confirmation from jigzle.id. The confirmation will be emailed to you.
  2. Payment of your order can be done via Bank Transfer and Credit Card via the designated payment gateway that is MIDTRANS.
  3. The service charge charged to you is in accordance with the total price of the order.
  4. Prices of products and shipping services may change as per jigzle.id policy without prior notice.
  5. All information about offers, gifts, promotions and products through promotional media or print media can be directly asked to our staff or by email to: support@jigzle.id


To provide ease and certainty for customers in transactions on jigzle.id, we have now implemented an online payment system when customers purchase products online using the Visa / Master payment system option. All transactions will be processed in Indonesian Rupiah . Our secure payment order process is secure with the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol whereby SSL provides the full security of every customer and the freedom to shop online without any worries about the possibility of stolen credit card 


System of Service

  1. The ordering of products through payment gateway MIDTRANS can be done every Monday to Sunday from 00.00 to 23.59 hours.
  2. Exchange or cancellation of ordered products can only be done manually (by contacting us) to jigzle.id.

Online Ordering & Payment Procedures

  1. Customers can first login at www.jigzle.id. For customers who have not registered as user / member must fill out our registration form.
  2. After successful login, the customer can then order products online and fill in order information and credit card data on online payment page as follows:
      • Customer name, address and telephone number
      • Type of payment used (Bank Transfer, Credit Card, etc)
      • Number, CVV and Expiry Date if using Visa / Master Credit Card
      • Delivery Address
      • Additional Instructions (if any)
    1. The customer pays as a willingness and agreement of the transaction value, and confirmed by the approval of the card-processing bank.
    2. Customer is then required to complete payment and if the transaction has been successfully done, we will send payment receipt by e-mail to e-mail address stated in buyer's personal data within 1 (one) day after the payment process was completed.
    3. Customers are required to keep proof of payment should it be required at any time in the process of payment confirmation.
    4. All transactions will be processed within 2 x 24 hours, except for pre-order transactions.
    5. Jigzle.id reserves the right to refuse any transactions if deemed inappropriate.
    6. For now credit cards that can be processed are credit cards issued by banks located in Indonesia.

    Product Delivery

    1. Product will be passed to the courier within 1×24 hours working day. Customers can find out the order status by using the option in Order History located in My Account (customer is requested to log in first).
    2. This may be done on the same day if ordering and payment confirmation to jigzle.id are completed before 13.00 WIB (+08:00 GMT, business day).
    3. Product shipping costs will be charged to customers (only for certain products). The cost is fully dependent on the courier service used.
    4. Jigzle.id is not responsible for any damage to the goods / packages caused by third parties such as courier services used.
    5. Delivery of products may be done by any of the following courier services:
      • TIKI / JNE / J&T / Pandu Logistics
      • Pos Indonesia EMS, DHL, FedEx for international customers

    Product Cancellation, Refund and Exchange

    1. Cancellation of transactions can only be done if the goods have not been processed by jigzle.id. Cancellation of transactions can be done by phone or instant messaging to our LINE or Whatsapp listed on the contact page.
    2. Complaints and claims on your order must be informed to jigzle.id within 3 x 24 hours since you received the goods.
    3. Items purchased can not be exchanged or refunded, unless the contents of the package differ from those ordered.
    4. Goods exchanged must be sent by a maximum of 2 x 24 hours working days after the claim was filed. For those out of town, we refer to the postmark / courier date. We reserve the right to refuse any items exchanged after this time limit.
    5. Jigzle.id will only accept returns in intact condition, undamaged seals and minimal damage to physical packaging.
    6. Jigzle.id will not serve customer claims for online transactions that occur due to misuse of credit cards. Customer is solely responsible for the ownership of the credit card.

    Product Overview and Condition

    1. The availability of the goods on jigzle.id is presented as accurately as possible with periodic updates that are subject to change at any time.
    2. The product conditions are as follows:
      • Items are sealed / wrapped from the manufacturer.
      • It is possible that there are differences in the color of goods that are not exactly the same as displayed on the site, can be caused by the lighting factor and the setting / resolution of the computer monitor and can not be used as a sole reference.
      • Customers should ensure that the product details / information match the required specifications before moving on to the online payment page.

    Product Price and Purchase / Payment Confirmation

    1. The price of the product to be paid is as stated in the shopping cart and / or booking invoice (payment page)
    2. If there is a change in price, then the applicable price is the price corresponding to the total shopping information displayed in the payment page.

    In Anticipation of Credit Card Abuse on Online Transactions

    1. Customers must register as a member on jigzle.id site by providing complete and correct information on their personal data and the type of card used when making payments via credit card.
    2. Verification via phone call: jigzle.id may verify via phone call to ensure that the concerned customer is the owner of the credit card that is being used.

    Privacy and Security

    1. We guarantee the security of your personal data when using jigzle.id.
    2. We protect all of your personal information completely. The confidentiality of the information you enter in jigzle.id is ensured for your benefit.
    3. Jigzle.id may change and update the terms and conditions of this site at any time. We will notify those changes on the site and e-mail if deemed necessary. Changes to these terms and conditions will apply immediately upon incorporation into the site.


    1. You can register to become a member of jigzle.id site by filling out the registration form. Once the registration is approved (meet the terms and conditions), you can shop freely at jigzle.id.
    2. To register, you are required to provide your active email address. This e-mail address will make it easier for us to verify your identity on the next visit. If you register using a fictitious email address or other person's email address, jigzle.id may close your account without prior notice. In addition, you are required to provide a password that will be used to access jigzle.id materials and services.
    3. You will not be charged for opening an account at jigzle.id. However, you will be charged for the purchase of all goods or services at jigzle.id according to the price stated on the website. All cost of goods or services you ordered will be charged to you.
    4. Jigzle.id will process your order after payment is complete.
    5. If you have any questions regarding payment, you can email us on support@jigzle.id.


    All designs, photographs and pictures contained in jigzle.id can not be disseminated by any party and for any purpose, unless there is written consent from jigzle.id.


    1. Jigzle.id will report to the authorities over any mode of fraud that essentially seek to gain unilateral benefit and jigzle.id will only serve orders that have been paid.
    2. Any issues can be discussed carefully. Jigzle.id parties will report to the authorities for any defamation, libel in forums, mailing lists or other media that have not been ascertained.
    3. You can not make any claim to jigzle.id for your violation of the terms and conditions of use of the jigzle.id site.


    1. You may delete your account at jigzle.id by emailing us on support@jigzle.id or via the contact page we provide. To cancel your account, you are required to provide information to jigzle.id to prove that you are the original owner of the account. Your account will be canceled once we confirm the validity of said information.
    2. We reserve the right to cancel your account without prior notice for the benefit of the jigzle.id site. This deletion of account may occur in the event of things including, but not limited to:
      • Violation of Terms and Conditions on jigzle.id.
      • Upon request from a legal entity or government-owned agency.
      • Upon your own request.
      • Account inactivity period of more than 2 years.
      • Fraud case committed by you or that harms other parties.

    Deletion of your account will result in the following:

      • Your order(s) will be removed from jigzle.id
      • Your password will no longer apply so you can not access portions of the site that is password protected.
      • You can no longer use the jigzle.id service as a Member.


    If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us on support@jigzle.id


    1. The terms and conditions stipulated on the jigzle.id website regarding our products and services are protected by applicable laws in Indonesia.
    2. Any disputes arising from the execution of the site and services provided by jigzle.id shall be settled with deliberation and kinship. If there are matters which disturb and involve many, we will proceed legally.