— Last updated: May 11, 2020 —

Quick summary 
⛅ There is a glimpse of hope from Japan as we have managed to find an alternative route by air. There might still be unforeseen delays, so we will celebrate once our parcels have arrived, estimated ~2 weeks. USA & Europe are also trying to re-open, but no confirmation on this yet. We are also trying to bring in Pintoo from Taiwan, and select puzzles from China & Hong Kong.


— Details below —

🇯🇵 Japan, 🇺🇸 US and 🇪🇺 Europe
Mid May, shipments are beginning to make a comeback:
⭕ Japan (trial shipments en route)
⚠️ USA (waiting confirmation)
⚠️ Europe (waiting confirmation)
🐢 China / Hong Kong (DHL experiencing delays)

🧩 Pre-orders
We are still accepting pre-orders, due to the ongoing demand and despite the uncertain wait period. We foresee that many popular puzzles will remain out of stock for awhile until factories get back to operating normally. As such, we continue to stock up and prepare customer orders ahead of time, so that when shipment channels are back open we are ready to ship immediately.

💪 Trying Our Best
Despite everything that's happening, we are looking into other quality options that we can offer to our customers, and new channels that we can open. We're cautiously optimistic that conditions will get better by end of May.

💬 Talk to Us!
We're still very actively monitoring all chat channels and social media, so let us know what's on your mind, or if you want to order / have any questions:
 Whatsapp: +62-811-512-889
 LINE: @jigzle (official)
Active all day and night ☀️🌙, as long as we are awake 🤭 

Let's #stayhome #stayhealthy, everyone!
Jigzle Team