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Thank you for wanting to know more about us. We'll keep it short:

Who are we?

My name is Andrio, and together with my wife Irene, we run this business together. It was originally just me, and it all started back in August 2015. I wanted to start a business on something which I liked, and the idea came to be "jigsaw puzzles". In all honesty, it was ages since I had last touched a puzzle but I remembered the warm, childhood memories I had of playing one together with my mom and siblings. A wonderfully intricate Disney puzzle, small-sized pieces and felt like upwards of 3000 pieces. It had roller coasters, and other Disneyland-ish attractions with the Disney characters drawn in the usual cartoonish style of back then. What I wouldn't give to see that puzzle one more time..!

Fast forward to now, I think we've successfully built a community of patient, loving and kind people with one similarity - a love for puzzles. We have a strong backbone of Disney puzzles that we continue to look after until today, but we are slowly branching out to other characters and themes. All to go towards our goal of becoming the largest and most loved jigsaw puzzle shop in Indonesia.

To those who know us already, thank you very very much for your continued support. We couldn't have done it without you. To those who are just getting to know us, we hope to have the opportunity to serve you and help add a bit of joy in your life through puzzles. It's a great hobby to have, and I hope to have more time to play when everything has been set up well with a great team running things. Until then, we'll continue to do our absolute best. Happy puzzling!

With love,
Andrio & Irene

Where are we now?

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