• Jul 19, 2018 - Air Fillers

    Posted on by Andrio Suroyo

    I have thought, considered and weighed our options and...

    We're going to be using air fillers i.e. air-filled bags to protect our domestic and international puzzle shipments.

    Our biggest concern has been the environmental impact of this decision. We have been using newspaper lately and we found that we have to use quite a bit to really fill up the box. It's rather messy, smudges on our fingers and much heavier than air fillers. We thought that since we are re-using old newspapers and putting them to good use (they exist anyway), this is our best way to be green...

    However, we firmly believe that paper newspapers (not magazines or books, however) will not be around for too much longer, hence we should opt for a more long-term choice of box fillers. We secretly hope that the reduced demand for them will mean less trees being cut... Althought honestly, I do not know how much of a newspaper is already-recycled paper or if using air fillers is actually greener, but I believe it's a good step forward in further improving our services to you.

    As such, we have chosen our air fillers to be made with HDPE film, which is much more eco-friendly than its LDPE counterpart or especially other types of plastics. HDPE is biodegradable while retaining a lot of the benefits of plastic (strong, flexible, overall dependable). Please help further save the planet by reusing our air fillers for packages you plan to send out, or let the air out and allow for recycling. While not many places in Indonesia are equipped with facitilites to properly recycle plastics, we personally think you've already made a world of good by consciously choosing to recycle :) please keep up the good work!

    Till next time, happy puzzling and be eco-friendly!

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  • Jul 18, 2018 - Puzzle Boxes

    Posted on by Andrio Suroyo

    Many of our customers appreciate that we use high-quality corrugated cardboard (proper!) boxes to protect the puzzles while en route from us to them. We too can't stand the idea of shipping anything haphazardly, so we try our best to give the best possible packaging to protect your orders. This means filling the boxes so the contents inside do not move about too much, and having an outer layer as solid as possible with the given weight constraint. We can't have 1kg puzzles turning into 2kg because of a box that is too heavy, and then ask our customer to bear the cost -- it's neither economical nor in our ethics!

    We ourselves appreciate receiving puzzle boxes in perfect condition. Some might argue that dented puzzle boxes do not harm the puzzle pieces inside, but to us it certainly affects the overall experience. Surely enough, we have received puzzles with minimal wrapping from new /one-time suppliers.. and the puzzle box inevitably takes the blow. We either discuss the possibility of better shipping, or dramatically cease further business with them. It's not good for us, for them, for our customers.. for anyone, really!

    Sadly, we also have little control over what customs do to our packages. Occassionally, we'll have boxes opened by customs for inspection. While we fully understand the good intentions behind the practise, we abhor having to break the news to our customers.. and the best we can do is offer a special-circumstance discount. We can only pray (really pray) that this will happen less regularly in the future.

    We hope that we have done enough to ensure that your puzzles arrive safely in your hands, with the box. We continue to make progress in this regard. Our new box model is coming in August, which will offer even better protection while also improving unboxing experience. Please also re-use the box if you like the design :) Also, we will implement greater use of air cushion so the products inside the box are even more secure. Please expect this starting sometime in September.

    Till next time, be well rested and puzzle wisely!

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  • Jul 17, 2018 - Smile! Smile.io

    Posted on by Andrio Suroyo

    Once we are officially able to accept payments reliably through this website, we have a solid line-up of new features that we'd like to start implementing. One of which is smile.io, one of the leading rewards and loyalty program on the web.

    Through smile.io, we will be able to automatically group users according to their loyalty level, and have our loyalty discount applied automatically during check-out. Users should also be able to easily see what puzzles they have purchased from us -- the full and detailed history. We'll also be able to properly hand out virtual vouchers or promotional codes, and even perhaps gift cards (further down the line). All these in a manner as user-friendly as possible.

    We're very, very excited to introduce this feature, especially for our most loyal customers whose list stretches so long that we might possibly make a mistake exporting it to our Members system later on. We love the idea of making everything as clear as possible. With smile.io, this is now possible.

    Would you like certain features from Jigzle and our services? Give us a shout! We'd really love to hear from you. Anyhow, we'll continue to have your best interests close to our heart.

    Till then, happy puzzling and be sure to get plenty of rest!

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