• "Frost Art" Puzzles are here!

    Posted on by Andrio Suroyo

    September 15, 2017: These puzzles have actually been released since late August but we have just gotten around to reviewing them. Quite a few of these puzzles have been sold and we had to wait for this next batch to get proper pictures. Here they are!

    These Frost Art puzzles are re-makes of older but popular puzzles by Tenyo, in black and white design in exception to a few elements to create a contrasting effect. The material is similar to the Stained Art series (semi-transparent plastic) with the distinction of being less colourful and doubly difficult. No doubt, this is what draws some people to it as it is definitely more challenging and has even more of the "wow" factor.

    There are currently four puzzles available to order, two of which are 1000 Pieces puzzles and the other two are 500 Pieces puzzles. Click on the links below to go to the product page for more details on each:

    Important: Currently, the 500 Pieces Frost Art puzzles are not being offered because we discovered that the pieces are defective for both designs. The printing is not perfect and flakes off, making the pieces "patchy" and simply horrible to play with. The end result will, of course, also be imperfect. Thankfully, we knew this early and none of our customers had to be disappointed. We are currently waiting for the re-release of these puzzles with better printing, as well as replacements.

    Review: We are currently working on the "Eternal Oath" Frost Art 1000 Pieces puzzle. You can follow our progress here.

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  • EVENT: Happy 72nd Independence Day, Indonesia!

    Posted on by Andrio Suroyo

    To celebrate the 72nd Independence Day of Indonesia, we bring you an exclusive, limited-time offer of 17% off on 45 selected products for the next 8 days only!

    To see the whole list of puzzles, please follow the links below. We have made it easier for you by separating them into specific groups:

    Only 1-2 of each puzzle are being discounted, so hurry! Only while stock lasts! Please contact us to order and / or confirm if you are eligible for the Bronze or Silver & Above collection of puzzles.

    Happy 17th of August, Jigzlers!

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  • Update on Ordering Through the Website

    Posted on by Andrio Suroyo

    Just a quick update on what we are focused on right now:

    Making orders possible from the website - easily and quickly. 

    We are in communication with two potential payment partners: DOKU and Midtrans. They are both well-known, highly competent payment gates and each have their own strengths and weaknesses. We are in the middle of choosing between the two and hopefully can soon accept payments from the website so that it will be a lot easier for you, our customers, to place an order and track it.

    While we sort this out, we thank you for your patience and understanding. Please use our website to easily sort and sieve through the many, many puzzles that are available to order and ultimately find the puzzle that's best for you. Please also let us know if there is anything else that we can do better :)

    Warmest regards,
    Andrio / JIGZLE

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